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The Best Acne Treatment Regimen for Stubborn Skin

While acne treatment is wildly sought after, it is not easy. Usually, it will depend on the type of acne that you have, and while mild acne might be easy to deal with, moderate and severe cases can take a lot of time and tons of products to show some improvement. When looking for the best acne treatment, the baseline is to understand that there is no magical method that can give you clear skin overnight and make your pimples disappear. However, your best bet would be to take care of your skin and to make sure that you follow a skincare regimen that is well-suited to acne-prone skin. This will ensure that you prevent additional pimples and ensure fast recovery of those that are already present.

acne treatment

Here is the best acne treatment kit regimen you can give to your skin to keep it healthy and clear!

Gently Cleanse

Cleansing the key and it has to be made sure that it is not rough. If you are prone to acne, this means that you have sensitive skin that needs to be taken care of gently. You can either use a mild cleanser that is free of excessive chemical ingredients, or use a mild soap made for sensitive skin. When cleansing, make sure that you use warm water.

Regularly Tone

Toners are amazing products that are often quite underrated. Often, we believe that our skin is clean because we cleansed and washed it. However, using a little toner on a cotton pad to wipe your skin may alarm you, as it can contain a lot of leftover dirt and oil! Regularly using a mild toner will ensure that your skin is free of all kinds of bacteria from everyday dirt and makeup. If your skin is overly sensitive, use an alcohol-free toner that is soothing and gentle.

Drink and ‘Eat’ Water

This one may seem obvious, but the skin is an indication of internal health. In addition to drink 10 glasses of water every day, it is also important to ‘eat’ your water. This refers to eating water-rich fruits and vegetables, which will help cleanse your system and prevent internal health-related acne.

Use Adequate Products

While natural remedies and diet changes may be enough for mild acne, they are not enough to fight moderate to severe cases. For these, it is important to use reliable acne treatment products. These include benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid based creams and lotions. You can also invest in a reliable acne treatment kit to cater to all your acne-related skincare needs, and ensure that you are getting all-rounded care.

Take Prescription Medication

For absolute severe acne, it might be necessary to take oral medication to keep your system clear and acne at bay. Consult your doctor to find the best oral medication for yourself, and take it regularly while ensuring that you maintain the best acne treatment regimen. It might take some work, but the clear skin that you are aiming for will be worth the effort!

acne treatment

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