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How to Maintain a Treadmill at Home

If you are using a treadmill at home, it is normal to wonder how much maintenance it needs and to be unsure about whether you are cleaning it too much or too less. While you might have heard that you need to purchase a high quality treadmill belt lubricant. However, how often should you use a lubricant? What other maintenance techniques should you know? Are there any other cleaning products you need? This guide will answer all of these questions and help you keep your treadmill at its optimal performance at all times.

First of all, it is important to know the two main parts of any treadmill: the belt and the deck. The deck is the area that supports the belt, so both are equally important and need to be focused on. If they are not properly maintained, a replacement may be needed; note that the belt and the deck usually need to be replaced jointly, and can cost around $500!

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Here is how to avoid such costs.


  • Wipe it clean after every use
    This might seem difficult, but it is actually very quick and can greatly help make sure that your machine lasts a long time. Simply keep a dry cloth hand and wipe down the entire treadmill after every use. This will keep it free of dirt, sweat and bacteria in general.


  • Clean it with a damp cloth every week
    Every week, you should clean the treadmill’s frame as well as belt with a damp washcloth. This can be used with detergent or with rubbing alcohol, though alcohol does not need to be used regularly for the cleaning.


  • Vacuum under and around the treadmill every month
    Because of pets or just because of dirt from shoes, it is likely that there will be debris and some dirt around and under the machine. Use a vacuum to move the treadmill and clean this dirt every few weeks. Some people also prefer vacuuming inside the treadmill, though this should only be done if you are an expert with treadmills. Also make sure that your treadmill is unplugged before you use a vacuum near it.


  • Use a quality treadmill belt lubricant every six months
    It is normal for a new treadmill to take a couple of weeks for the belt to become smooth. However, if an older treadmill is making noise, it is time to lubricate the deck under the belt. This will make sure the belt is smooth to walk on, and that it does not suffer wear and tear before time. A regularly lubricated treadmill will be easy to walk on and will be quiet and smoothly running even after several years of usage. Make sure that you only purchase a high quality liquid lubricant that goes with the type of your machine.

Other than this, generally make sure that the screws on the deck are tightened at all times. Store your treadmill indoors in a warm and dry space, and place it on a treadmill mat. Taking all these precautions will ensure that your machine runs smoothly for several years!

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