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Surprising Causes Of Acne You May Not Be Aware Of!

It is commonly known that acne occurs as a result of hormonal changes and imbalances. If you live in a humid environment or are naturally prone to excessively oily skin, these too are obvious causes of acne. However, often, it can be rather perplexing why you’re getting acne despite taking care of these things. When looking for the best acne treatment, it is first important to realize that no acne treatment will work if you don’t look into the tiny things that may be irritating your acne-prone skin and exacerbating the problem without you realizing it.

It is important to note that even the best acne treatment will not be entirely effective if you don’t make sure you are taking care of your skin and keeping it away from irritants that can trigger acne. Here are the most common but the least known causes of acne, which often make this skin problem so stubborn and so difficult to get rid of.

acne treatment

You touch your face too much

It is tempting to inspect those pimples by touching them, or maybe touching your face is just an unconscious habit that you have. Either way, it must be know that this is what often makes acne worse! Not only are your hands full of bacteria from the things you touch every day, but excessive fiddling with the face also causes the skin to get oilier. If you use your fingers to wipe oil from your face, stop doing that and instead keep blotting sheets handy. And no matter what you do, don’t touch those pimples except for cream or lotion application!

You don’t let your skin breathe

It is commonly assumed that products like primers are good for acne treatment, since they prevent it from getting oily throughout the day. However, if you have extremely sensitive skin that very acne-prone, wearing any such product that prevents your skin from breathing will worsen the problem. As long as your face is sweating and getting oily, it means that your pores are breathing. It is when you block your pores that you cause buildup under the skin that then turns into pimples! Therefore, focus on using makeup and skincare products that are breathable and lightweight.

You stress too much

Yes, mental stress can cause your skin to breakout, and existing breakouts to become worse. Anxiety and stress produces cortisol, which is known to make acne worse and this hinder any acne treatment process. Yes, this means that the more you stress about your skin, the longer it will take to heal!

You use conflicting products

It is important to understand that two acne products may be great on their own, but a recipe for disaster when used together. Often, your skin problems worsen because you use products that don’t work well with one another, which is why it is recommended that you use products from the same line, and never two for the same purpose at once. To best cater to this, it is recommended that you use a reliable acne treatment kit, which includes products that complements each other, and therefore prevent adverse reactions that may exacerbate your acne.

acne treatment

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