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Top Herbal Acne Treatment Remedies

Even for those of us who are not all that fussy about beauty, having clean skin is a must. You might not be one to spend a lot of facial products and makeup, but having acne-free skin is something everyone dreams of, and looks for remedies for. The reason is simple: a clear skin is a statement on its own, and does not require much maintenance. Not to mention, it looks healthy, attractive and speaks of your internal health. On the downside, however, it is not always easy to find the best acne treatment that works for you. There are those of us who suffer from severe acne that definitely does not seem to want to go away following puberty.

acne treatment


There are countless products and remedies that work as acne treatment, but they are not for everyone. What works for you will entirely depend on what suits your skin. The safest methods to get rid of acne, however, are natural products. Herbs, with their amazing natural properties, have been used as acne treatment for decades, and are the safest to use since there aren’t many side effects they bring with them. Knowing the best acne treatment herbs is great because it allows you to not only use them in their natural form if you can, but it also helps you choose products that are herbal and have their beneficial properties. Here are a few herbs and plants that have been proven to aid acne treatment!

Aloe Vera 

The Aloe Vera plant and the gel that is within it is an amazing cleanser and toner. The juice that comes from the plant does not only prevent acne, but can also keep skin hydrated. In addition, it is also highly effective for pimple marks and can accelerate the fading process.


Basil leaves are great for curing acne, since they soothe the skin and also have anti-fungal properties to fight against the bacteria that may be causing or aggravating acne problems.


Mint leaves, known for their cooling effect, are a great acne skin treatment. They have anti-bacterial properties that can clean the skin as well as keep it hydrated and reduce the production of sebum, which is the oil the skin produces and which eventually causes acne if it is excessive.


Known as a natural purifier, cucumber is said to be great for achieving clearer and even-toned skin that is free of acne and other skin problems.


With its cleansing properties, lemon and its plant is great for cleaning the skin and keeping acne at bay. It loosens the dirt and oil in the skin, and keeps it cleansed and protected against acne-causing bacteria.

Herbs make for the best acne treatment, which is why even when they can’t be used naturally, herbal products and botanical acne treatment kits are the safest and the most effective to use. With the properties of natural herbs along with proven medicinal ingredients, these products are the best fighting agents against moderate to severe acne.

acne treatment

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